Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Former VP Flips Burger

I talk to my acquaintances, friends, and colleagues at work places, mostly people with low six figure salaries, overwhelmingly Republican supporters, going in their everyday lives in a slapdash fashion, blaming welfare queens for all the ills that embrace this country while banksters and crooks of the Wall Street goes on nonchalantly scheming and defrauding ordinary taxpayers. I pray to God, “Have mercy on these ignorant people they know not what they are saying.”

Tom Palome’s. story seems like far-fetched and one of a kind, but it is going to be more common place in the future when the impending economic doom wipes out a large segment of American middle class. As a vice president of marketing for Oral-B, Tom Palome once earned in low six-figures and flew first class on business trips to Europe. Today, at 77 Tom shuffles two part-time jobs, one as a food demonstrator at Sam’s Club for $10-an-hour and the other flipping burgers at a golf club grill for a little more than the minimum wage.

Palome worked hard his entire career but saved little because he had to maintain his lifestyle competing with the Jones, on top his savings of $90,000 took a big hit in 2008 financial crisis, and now must work to survive. Gone are the days of pension, cities after cities are raiding pension funds giving dime to the dollars to the hapless retirees, while giving 50-60 cents to dollars to the powerful banks who caused this financial mess in the first place, often with outright criminal acts.

Tom, at 77 has to mop floors at the club grill before he goes home at 8 pm, yet he feels lucky that he’s able to work and live independently, and most importantly maintain his dignity, but many of the brain dead taxpayers who cheerlead today’s Demorepublicans and Republicrats will not have that luxury. Repentance will come but will be too late for these laziest taxpayers who patronize the current plutocracy in America.

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