Saturday, December 6, 2014

Democrats Lost—Who Cares?

I admit. I no longer am an optimist that I have been life-long and have lost faith in this nation’s immediate future. Unless reform happens soon, our children will not have a better life than what we did, and the prosperous America of the fifties and the sixties is dead—long live America!

President Barack Obama’s shellacking is now complete with the 2014 mid-term election. His party is minority in both the House and the Senate, and he will have encouragement to carry on his disguised rightwing conservative agendas without any apology.

As a bleeding heart liberal I have no sadness that the Democrats lost, for it makes hardly any difference to the agenda of the Military Industrial Complex, of which a Republican President had warned us once. The Democrats—especially their power centers have abandoned the labor and the common people a long time ago. They too have become dependent on the largesse of Corporate America to fill their coffer. A lone Elizabeth Warren does not revolution bring. Today’s Democrats are deeply entrenched with the plutocrats, and they only do the bidding of their Masters; the difference is that they talk the talk, showing empathy for the poor, while the Republicans don’t even pretend.

If Reagan revolution began the wealth transfer from the middle class and the poor to the super riches, Bill Clinton strengthened that mechanism with creation of business treaties such as NAFTA, enactment of media consolidation with Telecommunication Act, and repeal of Glass-Steagall Act. Since Reagan, both the Democrats and the Republicans have served the same Master; their elaborate exhibition of intense rivalry is mere drama to hoodwink American people.

Elections are won with money and not merit. There are no substantial policy debates to differentiate a candidate, which is why we see so much negative personal attacks and unsubstantiated lies and counter lies during every election cycle. Over four billion dollars were spent in the last election. From the first day a candidate takes office s/he has to start thinking of how to raise money for the next election, and who has more to donate to election funds than the billionaires and the Wall Street crooks? But they donate millions only to steal back billions, influencing politicians to create tax loopholes and other preferential laws such as subsidy and license to pollute.

This president took away freedom of the people by suspending habeas corpus, the last vestige of an ordinary person’s right, and the liberals raised no voice as the president is supposedly one of them—what a shame! Ferguson lead to New York and the American justice system failed to deliver once again, and the incidents were swept away under the racial rug. The truth is, under the guise of ‘war against terror’ the ruling class has institutionalized police brutality to nip in the bud slightest show of rebellion to continue their financial exploits, shifting the tax burden from the rich to the poor, and dismantling all safety nets one after another. In the meanwhile people remains divided, fractionalized with petty issues.

Case in point of media deception: Before the midterm election CNN continued 24 hour Ebola coverage creating fear in people and shifting blame on the president for his inactivity, while in reality no action was needed. They promptly dropped the coverage after the election.

Fortunately, the majority of the ordinary Americans are not racial. Look at the protesters in Chicago, New York and Ferguson—great numbers of them are white Americans protesting black deaths. And don’t forget it was the white Americans who elected a black president.

This is the only bright spot among the overall gloom, the people and their resilience, and this keeps me believing in the spirit of this nation. This natural sense of justice of the American people tells me that this nation is not done with. If we don’t bring the reforms to make it a just society, our children will.