Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is Obama A One Term President?

Thank you for letting me know your opinion on this poll: Obama Is One Term President?

45% of you have responded to the question with yes, only 10% said no, and 30% were not sure. Though it was a small poll, to my belief it reflects the current sentiment among the progressives, fairly well.

In deed, I have written many articles with similar thoughts on Technorati, on the disenchantment of the American progressives and Obama's deliberate betrayal to them. Now here is my prediction, and take it for whatever it is worth—Obama will win a 2nd term in 2012.

When I set up the poll I was convinced that Obama would be a one-term President. That was before the 2010 election. It did not take long in the new congress, for John Boehner et al to demonstrate that we accord more credits to the Republicans than what is due them. No sooner they came in power they resorted to childish manoeuvres which was so symbolic to them, yet in reality was nothing more than cheap ploys to cater to their base, and their actions resulted in wastage of public money, which they so vehemently oppose in principle.

Let no one forget—the duty of the congress is to make Law, the 112th congress in their infinite wisdom began their act reading from the constitution. Their reading nonetheless soon proved that they have no respect for the constitution, as they only read it selectively and omitted the parts they were against. I am not against the lawmakers reading of the constitution, rather, I think it is something that each of them must do, nevertheless, I believe that they shall to do that in their private time.

If that caricature of GOP house members was not enough to piss off the sane Americans, their next priority of repealing the Health Care Law shall be. In their great desire to carry water for the corporate bosses, they declared their hatred against ordinary American people by avowing all-out-war against the Health Care Reform that they jealously call Obama-Care. Little they understand that if people are against Obama-Care it is because of what the reform did not do rather than what it did. The popular complaint is that the law did not go far enough to serve the interest of the ordinary Americans, and curtail power of the health insurance companies.

The bone-head elephants are going to waste public money in vacuous exhibitions of futile showmanship against Obama to the extent that they are going to wear out even their own base. The Tea Party ditto-heads peaked too early to make any impact on the 2012 Presidential election, and their shine is going to wither when people see and assess the success of this congress against the previous one that had passed over 400 resolutions, majority of them for the interest of the common populace.

The recent Tucson incident showed some very interesting aspects of the politics of hate. When Jared Lee Loughner shoot and injured the democratic congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and killed 9-yr old Christina Green and five others, the Tea Party queen Sarah Palin pulled her CROSSHAIRS/ BULLSEYE message from her website. Regardless, instead of toning down rhetoric she came guns blazing with “blood libel” comment that is so wrong and anti-Semitic, especially considering that the congresswoman Gifford, who is still fighting with death, is Jewish.

The other interesting thing that happened in the aftermath of Tucson shooting was, the city pulled down the fire-breathing Rush Limbaugh's Straight-Shooter billboard, despite the hate monger's continuous vicious attack on the liberals, in his pitiful attempt to shift the blame on them and draw sympathy for the shooter.

I say, the Americans will tire off the politics of hate, and the craving for middle of the road policies will increasingly become stronger. Two years is a long time, and much water will flow through the Mississippi by that time, yet, I predict Obama will be coronated a 2nd time, since he is the best Republican the plutocrats can find, just look at the line up of the Presidential hopefuls on the GOP side, their cartoon characters, and lack of mainstream appeal.

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