Saturday, March 17, 2012

Don't Cry For Kucinich, America

After sixteen years, the US Congress will be without one the finest sons that this country has ever produced in politics; don't cry for Dennis J. Kucinich, America, cry for yourselves!

At a time, when the country needed one of its kindest souls the most, the man who was a voice to the millions of voiceless Americans, the man whose love for peace and humanity was beyond question, has been left to waste. The Republicans have finally succeeded to dethrone a man with a political game, whom they could not defeat in election.

Two democrats, Kaptur and Kucinich were pitted against each other as their seats were combined as a result of congressional redistricting process. The need for redistricting rose as Ohio had lost two congressional districts, because of population loss according to the 2010 U.S. Census, Ohio lost two congressional districts and the borders of the remaining districts were redrawn. The GOP combined the 9th and the 10th districts represented by Kaptur and Kucinich respectively.

After becoming a young mayor of Cleveland at the age of 31, he was thrown out of office by the conspiracy of big money. It was in the late '70s, when the finances of the city were in dire state, like it was in most of the country. Major banks had approached Kucinich with an offer they thought were irresistible, but he was not a man to be sold, he refused to privatize the local utility, and the city defaulted. His popularity tanked, and he was thrown out of office only after two years of being sworn in. His political demise was all but certain.

However, as the people of Cleveland saw what privatization had done to other cities that went ahead with the bankers' scripts, how the people had paid dearly, and how Kucinich's decision had saved the city and its populace millions of dollars over the years, they reevaluated him and reconstituted his political life.

This election saw again what big money can do, how the Koke brothers determined efforts to spend unprecedented amount of money could poison people against an upright man. After the election, Kucinich himself said, “I would like to be able to congratulate Congresswoman Kaptur but I do have to say that she ran a media campaign in the Cleveland media market that was utterly lacking in integrity with false statements half truths, [and] misrepresentations. I hope that is not the kind of representation she would provide to this community. And I don't think the people of Toledo have any idea of the kind of campaign that was run up in the Cleveland area.”

There is no place for decent and honest politicians in America anymore!

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