Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Last Bread

The miracle is that we are alive now. And that is about it, there is no other miracle in life. Death takes the living beings to its natural state.

Religion and philosophy are merely borrowed ideas, decaying concepts that live like parasites clinging to the living souls. Parroting those borrowed words does not bring salvation. If you want liberation you must be able to think on your own, shattering the glass house that you live in, and let go of your conditioning.

Science is only transitory knowledge, today's fact is waiting to be proven wrong tomorrow. The world is maya (illusion). Truth is wholesome which cannot be grasped by intellect. Intellect is a tool that is totally inadequate to discern the Truth on its own.

If that is the case, if intellect is totally inadequate to discern the Truth, what are we left with? After all, intellect is the only tool that gives us god's power. We have built huge structures, altered the Nature and subjugated wild beasts to do our bidding by using our intellect. We are laid thin and bare without intellect. What are we to do?

Enjoy what you are doing. Treat this moment as your last, and do what you would if you knew death is waiting in the wing, only to descend upon you without notice. Leave the last bread for your neighbor. This indeed is your greatest achievement.

Why do you care, if anyone remembers you when you are gone? Ask yourself, if anyone cares for you now; care enough to offer you his last bread, even though he is dying of hunger. In that there is a great lesson to be learned.

And when you are ready to give away your last bread to save a stranger, you have found God. Indeed God lives in you.