Friday, June 29, 2012

Just Came In -- The First Review

"A. Mohit's Never Had A Chance To Say Goodbye is a thought provoking look into a personal life and all the twists and turns that come with it." - Reviews
Mohit's writing is wonderfully relentless as the reader is immediately thrown into the story without useless exhibition or prologue. Mohit shows exactly where the story takes place and who the reader is following with no second guesses. The sense of place is astounding. Each detail is effortlessly placed and incorporated among the interaction of the characters. Perhaps because the characters are based in reality, they jump from the page as real people within the tale. As such, this is a story rich with probing questions and a real, heart opening tale steeped in real emotion.
The dialogue is also realistic, believable and quotable. This is partly because it never strays from fitting each character. It is not forced by any means, and therefore comes easily to the reader. Because this tale involves traveling, it works for people all over the world. The subjects presented here work beyond culture or creed and instead touch the human heart at the core.
This book tells the tale of a spiritual journey, and so it carries the reader through some very powerful concepts. However, it does not offend or bombard with over-the-head preaching. Instead, this book gently guides while still carrying a strong sense of presence. The reader can take form the story what he or she wants, and do so comfortably, yet it is still thought provoking. Intelligently written and well paced, A. Mohit's Never Had A Chance To Say Goodbye is a solid choice for the avid reader. - Reviews

Proof Reading Analysis Rating: 3

Proof Reading Analysis Scale:
1 = Poor (The book contains an excessive number of grammatical errors. Additional editing is required.)
2 = Fair  (The book contains some minor grammatical errors that may distract the reader.)
3 = Good (No further editing is required.)