Saturday, December 5, 2009

Why suffer?

Have you ever realized that your power comes from others? Alone, you are nothing.

Alone, you are miserable, and the more powerful you are in this world, the more miserable you are by yourself, without others around you. Your money, education, and sophistication are naught if there is no another human being to relate to.

Imagine; you are in a remote island. There are no other human beings. Only wild animals and vegetation. Would you survive? How long would you survive? What good your wealth come to?

Contrary to your position in the society, the lower in the stratum you now are, the greater would be your chance of survival in the wild. Hence, the word of the Christ: the least among you will be the greatest in the heaven.

The more you depend on others for gratifying your basic needs, the lesser will be your chance of survival in isolation. Yet, your thunderous cry pierces the night sky—Me..Me.. Me, I am the all powerful one. I deserve this, I deserve that. For me the bell tolls!

God smiles, you pitiful idiot, this is the reason you suffer. You are only an infinitesimal part of me. I Envelop the Universe.

You can only be happy when you realize that your happiness is entangled with happiness of rest of the universe. You cannot be happy when others around you are not, and your unhappiness touches others too.