Saturday, September 12, 2009


Oh Lord, bless me humility, the true sign of greatness!

When is a pigeon faster than Internet?
When you are in South Africa.

Only his chattels limit human creation and its effectiveness. How can a pigeon fly faster than internet traffic? Obviously, it is linked to the bandwidth issue of the net (the link follows for whoever wants to know more). Notwithstanding, here lies a great lesson. Despite our assumed power, alone, we are often helpless and hapless. Our power only derives from collective human evolution; nevertheless, we fail to see it so often.

We take credit for things, which are truly due to others. In the macrocosms who can truly judge worth of any singular contribution? The most precious things in life, sunlight, air (changing fast!) and water (not really!) are free. Many world changing scientific discoveries came to us free of cost. So, what drives our pride?

Jesus said: “The greatest in the kingdom of heaven is the one who humbles himself and becomes like this child. And whoever welcomes in my name one such child as this, welcomes me.”

Matthew: 18:2-5

Baul Samrat

See the richness of life in a Bangladeshi singer

Friday, September 11, 2009

What if he is not a bum?

What if he is not a bum?

Friday afternoon, returning home from office, I pulled in a gas station. The place was selling gas at 10 cents less than the next door station and was packed. I had to wait a while to get my turn.

While waiting, I watched a young person swiping a credit card through the processor on the other isle. He tried couple of times, started shaking his head, and walked away.

As I finished pumping gas and started placing the cap back on the tank, I saw the person approaching me. A young white male with heavy pink-blue tattoos on both hands, wearing a jean and a white shirt walked up to me.

He stood by my side and said, “Sir I am not a bum or something. I do not have any cash on me and need to get gas. My card is not working. That red Chevy over there is mine. I am from Indianapolis and trying to get back home. Can you help me?”

I pulled out my wallet instantly, but then hesitated for a few moments. I have been duped many times and heard many fake stories. Not again, thought for a moment.

Then I don’t know why, I thought of my daughter. She would probably be of the same age as him.

I pulled out a few singles from my wallet and handed them over to the young man.

He took the money and said, “It is a start. Thank you very much Sir. Have a great day.”

I boarded my car, and asked myself, have I been duped again? Was I wrong to give him money?

What if he was telling the truth? I sure could afford to buy him enough gas that would take him up to Indianapolis? However, I did not.

I do not know what the right action is and what is wrong, in a situation such as that.
Perhaps you do?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ramadan is a good time to study Quran.

Ramadan is a good time to study Quran.

Fend off the gatekeepers.

The next year will mark 1400 years from the time the first verse of Quran was revealed. It is the latest God-book on earth, or so its followers proclaim. The book has been preserved for fourteen hundred years without any alterations, and that is a source of pride to Muslims. Why is it then, following one book, one-fifth of the world population has divided themselves in multitudes of factions, and oftentimes display great animosity between themselves?

It can be argued that in our time Muslims are the most backward as peoples among the followers of the great-organized religions. They have the least contributions in the arena of modern technology and innovations. This is despite the fact that western civilization had borrowed heavily from the early Islamic civilization. Why does Quran fail to illumine the life of its followers? I will submit that the most prominent reason is that the holy book is well revered, well recited, hardly read and seldom practiced. The gatekeepers play a prominent role in that eventuality. The first principle laid down by the gatekeepers is if you want to get benefit, you have to read Quran in Arabic, the language in which it was delivered. Moreover, tradition emphasizes on mere recitation of the book and not comprehension.

The intention of the early preachers (read sahabis, khalifas and early imams through whom the traditions were established) was noble. They wanted to ensure that the book’s integrity is maintained over the eons. Sure, they did succeed in their goal. However, the problem occurred elsewhere. Billions of its followers recite and memorize the book without comprehending it.

Understanding esoteric text takes more than mere grasp of its word meaning, it requires illumination of minds and that illumination comes with wisdom. Wisdom comes with knowledge.

My daughter often asks me if my life goal is to become a physician why I have to read stupid history and rest of the associated useless texts. My answer is always the same to her: The stupid texts prepare you to be a human being and to be a good physician, first; you have to be a good human being. Without education, a human being is just another animal.

Modern education system has evolved over the centuries and has been transformed by the best of the minds. Our fathers knew that mere committing to memory of any text does not do any good to the crammers. Therefore, they developed a curriculum that enriches minds and broadens perception of the students. The world remembers those who widens human horizons and cast them off that do otherwise. Michael Angelo was persecuted by the Pope of his time, and died a pauper after a life long service to Church; we revere Michael—anyone remembers the Pope’s name?

Source of education is not limited to books; world is the best University, but that natural schooling takes protracted time. Books shorten the disciples’ preparatory life. The problem is in understanding the book and then follow its instructions. Without understanding, it is like the necklace on a beast’s neck.

I come across Muslims every day who will quote the words of lal-dari maulavi (priest) or sada dadi maulavi who are virtually uneducated, yet, accept their interpretation of Quran as God’s words. It is the lal-dari maulavis and the sada-dari maulavis who are keeping the vast number of Muslims in their state of ignorance.

My appeal to the Muslims, break off the self-imposed shackles. Read Quran in a language that you understand. Discover the hidden treasure. Practice it. Leave translation to the scholars who have devoted their lives making the truth freely available in vernaculars.

Contrary to what the gatekeepers proclaim, parroting Quran in Arabic is devoid of any benefit, if not, the state of the Muslims will not be as it is today.

Fend off the gatekeepers. Study the book, only then will it enrich your lives. If you must quote from Quran be prepared to refer to the verses and ayah, and do it in your vernacular. When God said, we made the Quran easy to understand (54:17, 54:22; 54:32, 54:40); whoever says otherwise is a transgressor. In addition, remember, your parroting of the verses in an archaic language does not inspire awe in me. Of course, who am I?

Indeed. Indeed.

I am just a divine sparkle, Creation of the Creator, the one and only one true God, Who created the universe; I am just as you are.