Saturday, August 3, 2013

What if ObamaCare Really Works?

Just before they went home for their summer vacation, the T-party controlled US House voted 40th time to repeal ObamaCare.

Why pass a resolution 40 times when they fully know that their vote doesn’t mean a thing? Why is this childish behavior from grown up people who are aware that there is absolutely no way they can undo ObamaCare which is now Law of the Land?

Because, the republicans are afraid that ObamaCare will work.

They have called it a “train wreck,” an utter disaster that would cripple the US economy. So why not wait for it to fail and reap the benefit from it as the public wrath will engulf the Democrats? The answer is simple. GOP is afraid that the Affordable Care Act will work and with that the Democrats’ stock will rise.

Obama administration had been terrible selling this healthcare reform to public, but when fully implemented people will see the benefit of the Act themselves. Many have received checks back from their insurance companies. More than 3 million young adults have already enjoyed an additional year on their parent’s healthcare policy until age 26. The states that have implemented insurance exchanges, such as California and New York have already seen premiums going down significantly contrary to the Republican’s predictions.

No wonder, the Republicans are getting nervous and frenzied! And that’s the reason for their juvenile tantrums!

Dump GOP in the dustbin of history.