Saturday, March 4, 2017

Let not the Elephants and Donkeys Deceive You Anymore

The world is no longer the same after Margaret Thatcher, who had totally decimated the progressive politics single handedly. She had deregulated financial sector, broken the back of the labor unions, and privatized state-owned companies. Thatcher's popularity during her first years in office waned amid recession and high unemployment, and she only survived because of her victory in the 1982 Falklands War. However, by the time she was forced to resign in 1990 she had forever changed the political landscape of modern era.

In the United States, Ronald Reagan borrowed from Thatcher’s book and implemented similar policies to kill the people oriented politics, and the United States politics too changed. Reagan had broken the unions and reduced their membership so much that they were no longer the countervailing power against the Wall Street big banks and the military industrial complex. To counter the reduction of funding from the unions, Bill Clinton approached the financial sector in the Wall Street and the trial lawyers, and the Democratic Party changed forever. The left politics was destroyed.

Yet, more than two decades later, vast number of low information professional people still try to explain politics in terms of left and right politics, and talk in terms of swinging pendulum. The fact is the progressive politics is dead since the time of Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party is equally beholden to the big money, varying only in degrees. Today the Republican Party, which was the real progressive party at the time of its inception, has become totally bound to the corporate America, and the one racist Democratic Party has become the second fiddle to the same master. Today’s politics is between extreme right and right, the left is dead.

Bill Clinton was a Republican disguised as a progressive, and so was Barrack Obama. The unprecedented outrage of the GOP against both of them was simply a ploy by the crook politicians to deceive common mass, and give the semblance of democracy.

Consider the Presidency of Bill Clinton. He signed on to NAFTA, the Tele Communication Act, Welfare Reform, dismantling of Glass-Steagal Act, among other anti-people measures. Each of these was passed with more Republican votes than Democratic, as the rank and file Democratic Party members were still pro-people.

Remember Ross Perot? Despite being a business man he had warned America against the NAFTA. He had made a sucking sound to demonstrate how jobs would be sucked out of America, and he was so right. So my Bill-loving friends consider once more – was Bill Clinton a stupid man not to understand implication of his fore-mentioned policies? Or, was he was wrong on each of those? Obviously, he cannot be both, so chose one.

Barrack Obama followed the foot steps of Bill Clinton, and carried on where George W Bush had left. He presided over the biggest financial missteps since 1929, and his action only benefited the very people who brought that financial ruin. Not a singe Wall Street executive went to jail, yet, millions of homeowners lost their homes. Obama came with the promise of stopping wars, notwithstanding, he not only sent more troops to Afghanistan, and he invaded Libya, and encouraged Saudi Arabia to destroy Yemen. He create ACA with so much loopholes that Insurance companies drove trucks through it and gave opportunity to the Republicans to destroy all so-called entitlement programs.

Wake up Americans, understand the new political games. Do not hold on to your age-old views of left-right division of politics. Understand your own rights and help yourself to get what you deserve. You have the ultimate power to change your fate, but only when you understand the game and stand for your rights. Be active, join the grassroots movement, and take over the party offices. Start at the local level, drive the bums out. You have the power. You can do it.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Palace Coup Has Succeeded, For Now

After eight years of destruction of the progressive movement Barrack Obama is still at it. Barrack who on his own admission on a Spanish language channel, is a Republican in ideology, has delivered Donald Trump the US Presidency. It was expected that he would move out of the national politics, yet, he is becoming more active under the disguise that he would be the countervailing weight for President Donald Trump.

Today, the Democratic Party has lost about 1,000 elected posts counting the White House to Congress and the 50 statehouses, directly as the result of Wall Street appeasing by Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama, clearly a nadir of their political history in the last century, yet, they lost the opportunity of reforming them in the just concluded DNC chairman race yesterday.

Originally the DNC election was supposed to be held at the beginning of the year. After the defeat of “corrupt” Hillary by the most unqualified man in the race of American Presidential election, it was time for a wholesale reform of the Democratic Party. The liberal wing of the Party led by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren had thrown their weight behind Keith Ellison for the DNC Chairman position, and he was a sure shoo-in. But the Corporate Democrats began conspiring and the postponed the election to buy time. They fell upon Obama to lead their cause and Obama picked his own Labor Secretary Tom Perez.

After the debacle of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, whose nefarious intervention killed Bernie Sanders’ cause and tilted the Democratic Party’s nomination to the most unelectable person, Hillary Clinton the situation was too hot to handle by the corporate Democrats, and they needed time to go behind and buy off the DNC members with big money politics. So the election was deferred to the last Saturday of February.

So the job is now at the hand of Obama’s Labor Secretary, Tom Perez, to rebuild the party that is at its lowest point since the era of the1920s. The ban was first implemented by president-elect Barrack Obama in 2008, but had been dropped last year by the corrupt erstwhile party chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Ellison supported the reinstatement of the ban and envisaged to have fundraising model in the mold of Bernie’s small-dollar campaign. Perez never committed to reinstating the contribution ban.

Bob Mulholland of California argued strongly against the ban leading to the casting of the votes. His point was that the corporate opposition to oust North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory was proof that corporations aren't all evil as they are cast out to be. Jessica Sell Chambers was equally passionate in her opposition commenting, “I belong to the party of the people and the last time I checked corporations aren't people.”

Yet, big money finally own, thanks to Obama and the other conservative Dems. To avoid the immediate bloodbath, on his election to the chair Tom proposed Ellison as his deputy, and Keith did accept the position. The question is for how long the battle will be avoided?