Monday, November 14, 2016

Difference between a progressive, and a conservative in fewer than 600 words

Progressive, which is interchangeably used as liberal, is a dirty word in the US politics, thanks to the rightwing media that controls 99% of the air waves.

But what does the word progressive actually mean, and what differentiates him from a conservative?

A progressive is the one who is naturally inclined towards progress. He is open minded, ready to consider new ideas; he explores innovative solutions, and probes the unknown for the betterment of the society. A conservative on the other hand has closed mind towards anything novel and wants to hold on to the age-old practices, antiquated systems and traditions, and existing ways and means.

A progressive believes in the good of the society, and considers wellbeing of each and every member of the society as the paramount requisite for the wellbeing of the community at large. A progressive is a person whose central thought is uplifting the lot of the least member of the community, because he believes happiness doesn’t come from self achievement only if rest of the society is in deprivation. In one word a progressive is a selfless person.

A conservative’s basic thought process rotates around pushing personal agendas at the cost of the rest of the society. He does not care for other’s suffering so long he is successful. He believes triumph at any cost; to him end justifies the means, and his slogan is greed is good. He preaches – one shall lift up oneself with his own shoestrings, as long as it applies to others. In one word a conservative is a selfish person.

From the fundamental mindset of the progressive comes the idea of tolerance towards the minorities. The progressive believes in the right of the minorities, freedom of choice for the women, the transgender people, gays, lesbians and other people of difference. He wants to make the society inclusive of all the diverse group of people. He believes in welfare for the lowest of the lows, and social security for everyone. He wants Medicare and Medicaid to flourish. He believes healthcare is a right and so is education.

The conservative is intolerant of minority opinions. He doesn’t believe in the right of anyone who is different from him. He will force others to his views, using whatever force is necessary to subdue others. He is for exclusivity, and is willing to do whatever necessary to preserve his self-interest. The conservative wants to do away with the welfare and privatize the social security to kill it. He wants to put hole through Medicare and Medicaid to destroy them. He wants healthcare to become a business for profit and destroy free education.

A progressive wants regulations for he knows without those rules the industries will pollute, the corporations will devour each other and will end up in monopoly and fascism. Five media companies control America today. In most places there is one, or, two choices for the internet hosting companies, a handful of insurance companies play with the health of 350 million people. A progressive wants socialism for the people.

A conservative doesn’t want any regulation; he is for the deregulation of the existing businesses, so that profit can be maximized. The conservative wants to destroy EPA although it was created by a Republican President. He wants the Wall Street and Fed to control the finance of this country. He props up the Banksters and uses Lobbyists to do his bidding. A conservative wants socialism for the capital.