Thursday, January 30, 2014

Obama Is Bush W II

When Barack Obama talks of income inequality I can’t decide if I should laugh or cry, for, not Reagan, nor Clinton, neither even Bush W, but it is Barack Obama himself who has presided over the greatest income inequality of our time. It is in his watch the greatest financial steal took place leading to the demise of Lehman Brothers, and not a single banker went to jail. It is in his watch that the crook of the century Jamie Dimon got accolade and a raise instead of jail term. There was at least a heated debate before JP Morgan's board voted to increase CEO Jamie Dimon's pay after embarrassing lawsuits that decimated the banks reputation (I mean whatever was left), but in Obama’s book he remains a hero.

Obama came in the name of change and freedom, yet he reverted to strengthening the hands of Wall Street crooks, and blessed suppression of habeas corpus. And if that is not all he is now crowning himself with the embarrassment of slavery by pushing corporatist idea –TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, which is “NAFTA on steroids.

Obama had promised in his 2008 campaign to support a minimum wage hike to $9.50 by 2011, but he did nothing at all to implement it and after half a decade of rule declares this is the “year of action” when he’ll use his executive power to get a $10.10 minimum. Thanks heaven that it took five years but he finally learned that he has access to something called executive power, nevertheless, even this promise of him is nothing but smoke and mirror. He declared that he would issue “an executive order requiring federal contractors to pay their federally-funded employees a fair wage of at least $10.10 an hour but hid the fact that only new hires – a tiny fraction, of the two million federal contract workers – will get the wage boost; a deliberate lie and deceit. The reality that the president didn’t even propose a gradual increase for the rest of the two million workers demonstrates that he has no intention of using his powers to redress the income ineqality.

Glen Ford wrote in his article, American State of the Union: A Festival of Lies “Obama offers nothing of substance, because he is not authorized by his corporate masters to do so. He takes his general orders from the same people as do the Republicans. That’s why Obama only speaks of minimum wage hikes while Republicans are in power, rather than when his own party controlled both houses of Congress. Grand Bargains are preferred, because they are the result of consensus between the two corporate parties. In effect, the Grand Bargain is the distilled political will of Wall Street, which feeds the donkey and the elephant. Wall Street – the 1 percent – believes the world is theirs for the taking, and they want all of it. Given this overarching truth, Obama has no choice but to stage a festival of lies.”

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