Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Beginning Of The End Of GOP?

Speaking at the Voter Values Summit in Washington D.C. on Friday, Sen. Ted Cruz joked about the Senate Republicans’ meeting with president Obama, scheduled later in the day concerning the government shutdown. His quip was: “If I'm never seen again, please send search and rescue team. I very much hope tomorrow morning I don't wake up amidst the Syrian rebels.” This reminded me of George W. Bush’s comical gestures about WMD in Iraq. He had looked in jest under his desk and side to side uttering, “Not here…”

Cruz’s caricature was an insult to all the federal employees who are temporarily laid off and have no money to pay their bills. But the heartless Republicans have no concern for the distress of the nation. Remember, when the Sequester was creating long delays at the airport, the affected congressmen brought a quick resolution to bring back the air traffic controllers? Even the Democrats joined the Republicans to pass the bill, and the President signed it hurriedly!

Cruz had begun his grand standing with a 21-hour filibuster to nullify Obamacare—a law of the land passed nearly three years ago. He vowed to stop the law single handedly, in part of his marathon speech he had read from Dr Seuss. The British would have appropriately called him – what a rascal!

Ted Cruz does not think much of anyone who did not go to an Ivy League school; yet, it is he who proves once more at the Voter Values Summit that his Princeton-Harvard education did not do much to make a man of him. T-party dominated House Republicans, who take cues from Cruz, had passed resolutions to repeal Obamacare 42 times only to be thwarted by the Senate. Einstein had said, “Insanity is, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Republican Party’s poll numbers are tanking faster than the stock of the Greek politicians, but Cruz is oblivious to all that. In his latest speech to social conservatives, he again delivered tirades against President Barack Obama. At a time when even his GOP colleagues have long dropped the demand of repealing Obamacare, Cruz suggested that the very fate of the United States is on the line in the next few years if Obamacare is not repealed

A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal polling found that only 24% of Americans had a favorable view of Republicans, the lowest figure in the poll’s multi-year history. Alarmingly, this new figure is four percentage points lower than last month. In contrast, President Obama’s standing was relatively stable, at 45% and Democrats overall rating were at 39% positive, with congressional Democrats at 36%.

Notwithstanding the polls, Cruz thinks, Democrats “are feeling the heat” right now, admitting that “none of us knows what's going to happen in this Obamacare fight right now.” This is what I have to tell Cruz: “The rest of America knows Obamacare is the law of the land, and it is going to stay, and grow, get over it, dummy. Look at the state of Vermont—the state of the America’s Senator Bernie Sanders—they are going full ahead with the Single Payer option, using a provision facilitated by the very health care reform called Obamacare.

During his speech at the Voter Values Summit, the T-party darling, Canada-born Cruz was repeatedly interrupted by activists who demanded why he would not support immigration reform that included a way to citizenship for immigrants without documentation. He kept on repeating that the hecklers were planted at the orders of Obama.

At the orders of Obama?

Obama, who is at the top of the world now, with Republican credibility lowest in the history of this nation—what has he to fear from a Texan Senator who is viewed negatively by 28 percent of Americans?

Ted’s narcissism has cast such a spell on him that he dreams White House fears for his influence. Nice, Cowboy, keep on dreaming.

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