Saturday, October 26, 2013

Conservatives’ War Against Labor

Conservatives want to abolish the minimum wage stipulation in the name of freedom for workers. They pass labor unfriendly laws, and call them deceivingly—the right to work laws. The old charlatans are the masters of deception, unparallel in inventing and promoting enticing verbiages that hide the true nature of anything and create deceptive image about it.

Beverly Bandler, with 40 years of career in public affairs wrote a great article GOP’s Strategy of Deception that should be a must read for any truth seeker who wants to understand the true moral fiber of GOP politics. I will limit my temptation to cite from her article to just this small paragraph. The GOP has deliberately exploited myths, misled or lied about: the Auto Industry Bailout, the Bible, the Budget, Climate Change/Global Warming, Conservatism, the Constitution, Deficit/Debt, the Democratic Party, the Economy, the Environment, the Founding Fathers, Gas Prices, the Government, History, Immigration, Income Inequality, Iraq, Jobs, Liberals, Medicare, the New Deal, Barack Obama, ObamaRomneyCare, Ronald Reagan, the Republican Party, Spending, Social Security, the Stimulus, Taxes, Women’s Bodies.

As it is commonly understood, the party of the conservatives has one and only one purpose, to serve the interest of the uber-rich by any means. They have absolutely no respect for the poor as they believe God favors the rich and that is why he bestows them with wealth. The conservatives use Bible to exploit the deprived people while flaunting every lessons of Jesus. American historian and journalist Rick Perlstein wrote, The mortal fear of the Republicans is that if government delivers the goods, the Republicans have no future.

The minimum wage issue vindicates Pearlstein’s argument. GOP wants to abolish the minimum wage so that they can get away by paying subservient wages to the hapless workers. The supply-and-demand law of economics has long been rendered worthless by the monopoly capitalism. For the last three decades the juggernaut of corporate power had been breaking up labor unions—the last bastion of labor that could give them living wages. But now the Democrats have joined Republicans in adding corporate America in their war against labor, and it is evident in states such as Illinois where the Democrats have absolute power, that unions are not safe even there. Busting of unions is now a common war for both the Republicans and the Democrats.

How true is GOP’s argument that minimum wages should not be raised, rather the whole concept to be done with? Here is a video that you can watch to see that in Australia where the minimum wage is $16, a McDonald still costs the same as in the USA. The video also explains why GOP’s entire propaganda against the minimum wage is just that—a propaganda. Contrary to the Republican’s claim, higher minimum wage, increases economic activity, generates more taxes, and boost economy and ends recession.

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  1. As a former conservative republican, I now wholeheartedly agree with you my friend. It is also why the QE is not working. The money does not trickle down. It just inflates the prices of equities and just makes the rich richer.