Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Night is Dark, Indeed!

The night is so dark that we all live in a black hole now. Thanks heaven, the RED and BLUE strategy is working so fine in the paradise of capitalism, the carpetbaggers can sleep again in peace!

The control is now final, airtight, at least for some foreseeable future. What Jimmy Carter started and Bill Clinton so successfully implemented in the US, then effectively pursued by Tony Blair in the UK is now completed by another turncoat, Alexis Tsipras in Greece. The left is totally annihilated and progressives dumped unceremoniously out of political mainstream.  

Although the Labor Party is squirming under Jeremy Corbyn, the Democratic Party in the USA is under no such illusion; they are totally sold, lock, stock and barrel to the Elite and pose no threat at all. Politics is a profitable business and everyone plays by the Elite’s rule book to create the semblance of popular Democracy.

The two instruments of the Military Industrial Complex, the wholly owned subsidiary of the Power, the Republican Party, and the few rebel-infested the ‘other’ party, the Democratic Party, is apt in their own games and the sheeple is in slumber.

Greed is now institutional; money is the only virtue, morals, scruples and spirituality shunned by the majority, and escape for the weak and the losers. The world is the oyster for the master players and the playing field is so tilted towards them, others have no chance. It takes a brilliant individual to break though this absolute control, notwithstanding, as soon as one of them comes out of the ruts to join the masters, the person is embraced and integrated in the nobility so that no seeds of rebellion ever germinate.  

Divide and rule, spew hatred, make education out of reach of the people, fill TV with soap operas and Bachelorette shows, keep the mass busy with Sunday Football, saturate air waves in false propaganda, create wars and terrorize people with ISIS attacks, bend their will with TSA in the Airports, the plans of the Elite are working very well, thanks goodness.

A few intelligent die-herd moralists are so demoralized that they keep their activity limited, vent through writing in alternate mediums in the internet, without any effectiveness at all. The Elite smiles, for he knows the vast sheeple population see that as expression of Democracy and are content.

The elite tightens the belt of the sheeple ever more gradually; increases their taxes, decrease their earnings, binds them more effectively in the rote of mortgages and debts, the sheeple have no time for independent thinking, they absorb the propaganda from the air waves as the TRUTH and the only truth. They behave like the proverbial frog that jumps in the Luke-warm water pot whose temperature is so slowly being raised. The lazy frog gets accustomed to the higher temperature and sits there till the water is boiling, but the frog has no energy left to jump out of the boiling water.

All things are quiet in the heaven and the earth.

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