Saturday, December 13, 2014

May God Save America!

Only a week ago, in an article named Democrats lost—who cares? I had written:

“President Barack Obama’s shellacking is now complete with the 2014 mid-term election. His party is minority in both the House and the Senate, and he will have encouragement to carry on his disguised rightwing conservative agendas without any apology.”

When it became clear last week that because of the eleventh hour addition of the two riders, the budget bill could not pass without Democrat votes, President Obama sprang into action. The two riders were—one on campaign contribution limits, and the other on weakening of Dodd-Frank Act, to insure that derivative trading on Wall Street can flourish. Obama sent his Knights from his White House to threaten and cajole enough Democrats to rescue his arch enemy John Boehner from a stringing failure, over the vociferous opposition of House minority leader Nancy Pelosi.

Hail President Obama, the Protector of the Mighty and the Destroyer of the Meek!

Yet, there is no scarcity of Obama defenders among the liberals!

American politics is a total circus! People still dance to the tunes of Hillary Clinton, another Corporate Shill. And some have found a new savior in the name of Elizabeth Warren—a politician who cannot speak without a prepared speech, and runs away from all controversial issues, showing lack of conviction and moral compass.

People, consider this. In 2002, Georgia Democratic Senator Max Cleland, the disabled Vietnam veteran who lost one arm and both legs in a battle was running against Republican Saxby Chambliss with 22 points lead. The wily Chambliss ran television advertisements picturing people resembling Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, and criticized Mr. Cleland as opposing homeland security. On the Election Day Chambliss won 53% – 46%. That day proved Democracy could not work in a large populace where truth could be distorted with money, and that was long before the Supreme Court verdict of Citizen United.

Democracy can only work where people know their candidates personally, such as in local elections, however, there is such a great apathy that even in those levels it has become anathema.

May God Save America!

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