Saturday, July 13, 2013

Why Did The President Delay Implementing A Key Legislation of His Signature Reform?

Recently, when the Obama administration announced a one-year delay in imposing penalty for companies with 50 or more workers to provide affordable coverage to their full-time employees even liberal talk show hosts such as Bill Press and Ed Shultz heaped criticism on the President. Schultz went on to the extent of saying; I for the life of me cannot understand why President Obama will take such as a defeatist measure!

Conservative activist Grover Norquist pronounced: Obama administration’s decision to delay implementation of penalty on employers who fail to comply with the requirement to purchase healthcare for their employee’s amounts to an acknowledgement of failure. In an exclusive interview with Newsmax, the ace lobbyist, to whom the Republican politicians en mass signed a no tax hike pledge, said, “Ouch. This is not the president’s critics saying his plan sucks; this is the president saying ‘my plan sucks’. If you knew what was in it you wouldn’t like it. So I’m going to delay pieces of what’s in it.’” This is an unadulterated lie, the hallmark of current Republicans who are not worthy torch bearers for the party of Eisenhower and Teddy Roosevelt.

It is no secret that the mantra of the present-day Republicans is modeled after third world politicians’ hymn—makes Obama a failure by any means. They are ready to destroy the country in the process in a heartbeat, and of course they have no sympathy for the 47% of Americans, so clearly demonstrated by their passing of the farmer’s bill removing the food stamps provision for the poorest of the poor.

The House Republicans have voted 37 times to dismantle ObamaCare unsuccessfully; such is their hatred for the President’s healthcare plan. Even a child stops after a few times when he realizes that his action is not going to make any difference, but not this House Republicans, they are worse than kids in intelligence, and foolhardy in their vainglory. These wayward politicians believe if they keep on throwing their tantrums the Senate would finally relent and come their way.

The truth is Obama administration has no money to implement this provision of the healthcare plan as the rowdy T-party driven House has cut off all funding for this administration. The 2013 investment guide issue of Forbes reveals this truth in an op-ed under a scathing twisted attack on the Obama administration, calling it Chicago-style politics. What it discloses though is that the department of Health & Human Services had asked health care companies for “voluntary” donations to help implement ObamaCare. It writes, “There isn’t enough money to get the program going, so these ‘gifts’ would be used to hire so-called navigators to help people fill out” the required application forms. So folks it is lack of money that forced Obama’s hands.

The GOP is master of deception; it is no wonder ordinary people are misled when talk show hosts such as Ed Schultz and Bill Press are hoodwinked.

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