Sunday, January 20, 2013

Whither God?

People visit churches seeking God, what they get in lieu is religion. Only the fools strive to encompass The Master of the Creation within the confine of four walls. How preposterous are they!

Only fools travel faraway lands to find what is within themselves, they don’t get what they want, they merely lose themselves.

Divide and mislead is the way of the false prophets, be warned; they only deceive and waste away the precious souls, the loving gifts of the Master.

If you want to see God, close your eyes, and delve deep down. When you drive away the little ego-the lone Satan within you, the universe within reveals all its myriad grandeur, and only then you receive grace that blows away the darkness of ignorance; the daylight dawns. You see God, and God only, everything else disappears, on this very earth.

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