Saturday, November 24, 2012

How Long People?

How long will it be since we come to terms with our humanity and truly be the representative of our Creator Who sent us to rule this earth? If you are not religious, forgive my expression and rewrite it to suit your belief, just don’t shoot the message.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Israel has just suffered a historic defeat. One only had to watch the international news coverage. BBC persisted in its typically awful reportage on the Israel-Palestine conflict during Israel’s latest rampage. But tonight it had to acknowledge that the people of Gaza were out in the streets celebrating.”

Is the above paragraph written by a crazy antiemetic? No it’s written by Norman G. Finkelstein—if you live in the North America you perhaps have guessed that the name is Jewish, and if so, you are right.

“Norman Gary Finkelstein (born December 8, 1953) is an American political scientist, activist and author. His primary fields of research are the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and the politics of the Holocaust, an interest motivated by the experiences of his parents who were Jewish Holocaust survivors, “ says Wikipedia . Finkelstein’s parents were Jewish Holocaust survivors—note that people—Finkelstein learned directly from his parents how terrible Holocaust experiences were. Would it not be natural for him to write and sing the praise of Israel?

In this article, Finkelstein wrote, “Israel suffered a double defeat. Its announced goal when it went into Gaza was to restore its “deterrence capacity. But at the end of the day its deterrence capacity had been drastically reduced: The once mighty Israeli army that caused the whole Arab/Muslim world to tremble could not even defeat the impoverished and weaponless tiny enclave of Gaza. Israel demanded an unconditional and unilateral secession of Hamas ‘rocket’ attacks. But Israel had to accept a mutual ceasefire. It also had to make promises regarding the siege of Gaza. It is highly improbable that anything will come of these Israeli promises, but still, Israel could not unilaterally impose its will.”

And that’s not it all folks, Finkelstein went on to write, “Let it, finally, be said: In praise of the ever-martyred but ever-heroic and ever-renascent people of Gaza. May they live to see the full brightness of dawn.”


What’s wrong with Finkelstein? Is he a turncoat? An apologizer for Israeli oppressors of the Gazan people, who kills defenseless women and children without slightest remorse?

If you are one of those 57 percenters who blindly support Benjamin Netanyahu’s relentless war mongering, you might think so, but the truth is it is Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky and visionaries such as them that make the Jewish people great. If human race must be grateful to one religious group for augmenting human civilization—whether in the field of science, art, or name any intellectual pursuit, it is the Jewish people without any second thought.

So, why should it be a surprise that that group of people will have a Finkelstein? Is it a surprise that Albert Einstein was not too happy with the creation of Israel, and he refused the offer to become the first President of the newly created country? To me it’s not, people such as Einstein, or Chomsky are too big to be identified with any small sectarian group—they truly belong to the human race.

Jews as a race has been historically persecuted, driven out of their homes, imprisoned, tortured, burned alive in gas chambers and bore the brunt of savagery of human race—like no other group of people. No one race deserves a homeland of their own, more than the Jewish people. And what a turn around it is from the state of persecution to a state of honor, power and strength that they are in now. But when the oppressed turns the oppressor must the world remain silent and support them blindly? That is where this world has come to. The western, overtly Caucasian people who had persecuted the Jews only a few decades ago has now, only to overcome their guilt, become cheer leaders of the Israeli aggressors. When a war promoter such as Barack Obama mindlessly proclaims, we support Israel’s right of self defense—what of right of self-defense of the Palestinians?

American people need to learn that criticism of Israeli government is not criticism of Jewish people, and one does not become anti-Semite condemning abominable war mongering leaders of Israel who themselves persecute the honorable Jews. Ask the scientist who outed Israel’s nuclear secret, and countless other progressive Jews who want to promote humanity beyond the myopic view of a few self-serving politicians. Will the world let Yitzhak Rabin’s blood go in vain?

How long are we going to divide the world in race, religion, culture, and endless grouping? How long are we going to remain ignorant, fighting between ourselves while the manipulators skim the wealth of this beautiful earth for their own greed?

How long? Previously published on Technorati.

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