Friday, February 24, 2012

She (Palin) Can’t Take It Anymore, Can We?

I never thought of Sarah Palin as more than an airhead, yet reading about her anguish I feel empathy for her. I have a feeling that she is no worse than as we collectively are; she is perhaps just a victim of our culture and our fondness of vainglory.

Clearly, even though she was not a political material she was offered the VP candidacy of a major political party, in this I feel the establishment as guilty to exploit her charm and naiveté, as she was. Let me ask, how many of you would forsake this kind of opportunity, if offered?

This article tells all about it, her personal struggle, our political system, and the torment she had to go through. It describes how in the final months of her governorship, Sarah Palin was frustrated over the infighting with state lawmakers and how she felt as a victim, crying out in agony: “I can't take it anymore.”

Palin currently works as a commentator for Fox News; I do not agree with her views, and I believe she just reads and repeats some others’ opinions, because they think she appeals to some amongst us. And I do not fault her, how many of us would reject such an opportunity to earn money?

We have constructed our society, where principles, morality, humanity, and humility—the most important teaching of the Christ, have taken backseat. Christ taught us to forgive someone seventy times seven, which was just an old expression for infinity, and we go on destroying houses of innocent civilians all over the world.

Don’t blame the Republicans, Democrats, or even the Corporations—it is our shared guilt.

I am not asking you to cry for Sarah Palin, I am asking you to cry for yourself, and for our collective stupidity that allow the exploiters to exploit us and perpetuate their crime on humanity.

The article was first published on Technorati .

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