Friday, June 10, 2011

Progressives’ Double Standard On Anthony Weiner

Why? Why this Double Standard?

Progressives never let go the opportunity to heap on Conservative politicians when they falter on cupid related issues. Nonetheless, when it comes to the Democratic leaders they appear to have different standard.

Shame on the progressives!

Democratic left’s poster boy in the US House, Anthony Weiner is under water for lying to his wife, and also in public, about his queer sexual activities on line.

Regardless, the progressive media personnel such as Bill Press is all over the issue finding ways to defend him. On Tuesday Bill said in his radio program, “Weiner did not commit any crime,” and he compared his action with another Democratic poster boy Bill Clinton, saying, “Bill Clinton on the other hand lied under oath.” Many of his listeners called in defending Bill’s point of view.

Nice try Bill, admitting that Bill Clinton committed perjury—the funny thing is, the admission is several years late and is of no consequence now. How did you forget so quickly Bill, it was only the other day that you were defending Clinton, who should have been convicted for lying under oath?

Bill Press even went to the extent of saying that if lying is a disqualifier in politics then Washington would become a ghost town.

Okay, I get it. Now it is time to defend one of our own. Therefore, we redefine morality and look for justification to save the skin of one of our own! Accordingly, we begin the spin game—that we always blame on the Republicans, calling it their monopoly?

Shame on the progressives!!

I understand the Bible is more than 2000 years old, and in our time we do not stone the adulterers, in fact the word adultery is on borrowed time in dictionary. Does this mean that there are no scruples? No moral compass? Lying in public has to be an acceptable norm?

Shame on the progressives!!!

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