Sunday, January 23, 2011

Show Skin Make Money

After three seasons, the premiere of the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore” drew 8.45 million viewers, making it MTV's most-watched series ever telecast. But now with "Skins" MTV has upstaged even "Jersey Shore."

Following the tradition of copying hit British hot shows to produce its native American version, “Skins” is a creation of steamy drama about teens that depends on liberal exhibition of skins for its blistering popularity. MTV began airing its 10-episode season last Monday with heavy promotion targeting its young audience, and the show was instant hit.

Just days after the airing of the first show, one parents' group called U.S. Senate and House Judiciary Committees and the Department of Justice, to "immediately open an investigation regarding child pornography and exploitation on MTV's 'Skins.'" Tim Winter, the President of Parents Television Council said on Friday's TODAY show, “You have a major conglomerate, Viacom and MTV, that is directly marketing to children graphic sex, profanity, drug use.”

Legal analyst and victims’ rights advocate Wendy Murphy commented on how Viacom’s defense is going to be: Their defense is likely to be 'oh, come on, this is just a television show.' However, she thinks that ''that’s not really a defense, because that's not the issue," Murphy further explained, “The only issue is, are there kids involved who are under the age of 18? That's it! That's enough! That's child pornography.”

Unlike other made-for-TV teens' shows, the actors from “Skins” are real teenagers in the age range of 15 to 19, and that should be a serious concern for everyone. Regardless, MTV responded on TODAY, “'Skins’ is a show that addresses real-world issues confronting teens in a frank way. We are confident that the episodes of 'Skins’ will not only comply with all applicable legal requirements, but also with our responsibilities to our viewers.”

Commentator Frazier Moore wrote in Uproar over 'Skins' is a blessing for the show, “But this is only the beginning for 'Skins.' With its new wave of publicity, it has nowhere to go but up.” Sadly, Morre is right, despite the relentless provocations on the stupid box TV, movies, and other media, it appears American audience is still sex-starved, and sex still sells big time. Viacom is simply getting some free marketing with all the controversy around the 'Skins.' Morre could not be truer in writing, “As a publicity spectacle, this couldn't be going better if MTV had masterminded it.”

When it comes to making money, nothing is sacrosanct anymore, there are no taboos, no limit to decency, morality or values; whatever sells must be good for business. If this is not the sign of a decadent media then what is?

On a MSNBC survey, 74.3% said, “Yes. It is too racy,” 22.7% said, “No, what's the big deal?,” and 3% said, “I don't know.” Obviously, American people have not yet lost their commonsense, but who cares? In the new age, if you wonder “for whom the bell tolls” the answer is, It tolls for thee—the plutocrats, for whom money is God, all else secondary.

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