Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Budding Actress and Sex Scandal

Cyberspace is buzzing with headlines such as Sadia Jahan Prova sex tape leaked and other racy titles of the kind. Here is a story of a young budding Bangladeshi actress whose irate ex-boyfriend, Rajib, published recordings of their love-making on the net.

What two consenting adults do in their bedroom should not be a concern to the world, but in this instance, their story is up on the internet for everyone to watch, and therefore, comment. Most public remarks are vicious attacks on the young girl, on her character, and some in languages not fit to be printed. We live in a strange world where guilt and shame related to sex is all for the women, while for men it adds to their tally of conquest!

It is unfortunate that Prova allowed their personal moments to be on camera; however, a young girl in her early twenties, who is madly in love, does not always behave in her own best interest. It is evident that Rajib had cajoled her into recording their intimate moments, and Prova succumbed to that pressure in an unfortunate lapse of common sense on her part. It is clearly a lesson for all young girls to be especially careful about their relationships, and not to drop their guards under any circumstances.

What is remarkable about this incident is the way Bangladeshi media personalities and intellectuals have come forward in defending Sadia. They are sympathetic to her, treating her as a victim, and demanding exemplary punishment of the perpetrator, her ex-boyfriend Rajib, for publishing the tape. It is a commendable reaction from a so-called backward society!

I am particularly proud of the way Bangladesh and its institutions have handled this case. There is a clear demonstration to the western world that the imagery an average western person has about a Muslim, as a crude jehadi ready to stone anyone committing adultery, is so wrong. Bangladesh is overwhelmingly a Muslim country, but its people behave in a civilized manner, just as people do in the developed world.

I pray to God with all sincerity, may the good Lord bless Prova and her family with infinite Grace that is only the preserve of the Almighty. I pray that this incident educates all unsuspecting young women. And, to all of them who condemn Prova I say, let him come forward and cast the first stone, who has not sinned.

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  1. Mohit, Very nice article. You have touched a most sensitive aspect of woman's place in the society. Western word has lost this sensitivity of treating woman's pride as a woman. You highlighted a good point about misconception of Muslim world particularly among western people. Kudos