Thursday, April 1, 2010

Story of an Average American

This is the story of a man who describes himself as, “I am just an average American in an average American city.”

Tom Hodges is real. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, one daughter and two sons. He worries for the future of his children. He also worries for other human beings.

He calls himself an average American. I however see the true American spirit in him. I say, do not judge America on its foreign policy, rather look through the eyes of Mr. Hodges and experience the true American spirit in its entire splendor.

Here is his story in first person:

I am just an average American in an average American city trying to raise my kids and teach them what I think is good. I ask all to give love without expecting anything in return, since love is the greatest equalizer.

To me giving is better than receiving. When someone who has never received anything in life gets something unexpected, an unbound joy engulfs him, and that transforms him into a far superior person. The person then feels the urge to spread that happiness to others.

When the towers fell to the ground on 9/11, I asked what had pissed this guy (meaning the hijackers) off to provoke him to take revenge on us? What hurt had he suffered that would put so much hatred in him to kill innocent people, and take his own life?

If Bush (read the US) had not pissed him off, perhaps we would not be in the situation we are in today. He (the hijackers) used the name of God to get the support of his people. Is his God the same God as mine?

If his religion dictated him to behave as he did and which effected us all, did God forgive his sins?

If I were a billionaire, I would spend my money to spread the words that people should take care of each other, because our children are watching us and learning from us. If we teach them wrong, if they grow up aiming for success at any cost that would not be right.

Knowledge is power, but if the power goes in the wrong hands, I am scared of our future as human race.

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